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What is a Fractional Program Manager?

Elastic, on-demand talent

Fractional Program Managers are a form of Elastic Talent, providing oversight and management of projects or initiatives for a company on a part-time or temporary basis. With a fractional PM or PMO, start-up organizations can access the experience and discipline of a seasoned PM without the risk of hiring expensive and underutilized resources.

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Our Domains and Verticals

With decades of experience leading projects and programs across Commercial B2B, Federal Government, and the Defense Industrial Base, Trailcutter Consulting has experience in multiple domains and industry verticals. Areas of focus for projects and programs have included customer experience, digital transformation, cloud migrations, modernization, technical debt resolution, cybersecurity, and compliance


Fractional Project & Program Management

Fractional Project and Program Management services provided as direct consulting and white-labeled agreements

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Fractional Project Management Office

Fractional Project Management Office (PMO) services are ideal for startup and emerging organizations looking to establish long-term program discipline and success.

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Proposal Development & Writing

Proposal development and writing services aligned with B2B and Government opportunity capture.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital transformation strategy, planning, and execution as a service.

Our Team

Our team is humble and nimble, with an extensive network of Elastic Talent professionals ready to deliver success and fractional support.

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James Barnes

Founder / Fractional PM
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Operations Manager
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Chief of Culture

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